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bubble ball soccer rental

Get The KNOCKERBALL® Bubble for Bubble Soccer

Knock the Ball and Your Buddies Around!!!

KnockerBall bubble ball soccer rental will knock your guests’ socks off! Bubble Soccer is a high-intensity, high-impact (but safe!) sport that guests will love playing and watching. This fast-paced, hilarious sport is one of the fastest growing contact sports today. And, as the trendsetters we are, Gamepad MVPs was the first Mobile Bubble Soccer company to bring KnockerBall to Dallas Fort Worth. Add KnockerBall games to your next event; it’s guaranteed to have people of all ages standing in line!

Bubble Ball Soccer Rental Features:

  • -Bubble suits for 5 on 5 games.
  • -Soccer ball, bibs, and goal posts.
  • -Referees to officiate the game.

KnockerBall Games

Gamepad MVPs gives you 4 ways to play KnockerBall at your event. Each game lets 10 people play at a time, with optional alternates (depending on the game), so that all your guests will have a chance to join the fun!

Bubble Soccer

What else can we say, it’s soccer in a bubble! Teams play 5 on 5 for four intense, fun-filled quarters. The audience will witness shoes flying, people flipping, KnockerBalls bouncing, all in the pursuit of goals and a good time.

Capture the Flag

Just like traditional capture the flag, there are 2 flags, one on each side of the field. 1 player defends the flag while their 4 teammates race to capture (touch) their opponent’s flag. KnockerBall rules are slightly different. If your team succeeds in touching your opponent’s flag, that team loses 1 player until there is only 1 person standing!

Protect the General

Five players from each side go head to head on a combat mission to get their General to his post safely, with a new General elected each quarter. When the whistle blows, 4 players will lead as their General stays behind at a safe distance carrying the ball and following his team to the flag on the other side of the field. The goal of the other team is to knock the General to the ground to eliminate him from the quarter. Now it's the other team's chance to get their general safely to the other side.


Members face-off in a head-to-head, free-for-all battle. The stage: at the center of the court, there is a 50ft circle drawn with players waiting in anticipation for the whistle to blow. Once the whistle blows, players rush to the center of the circle knocking each other all over the place. The goal of this game is to be the last remaining player in the circle. We will play 4 quarters and at the end of the fourth quarter, the winners from each quarter will have a chance to claim the ultimate victory.

Knockerball Gameplay


Your guests won’t be able to stop laughing while playing and watching KnockerBall and they won’t be able to stop talking about your event! Buy a KnockerBall package for your event starting at just $299 and just $50 for every extra 30-minutes. Or give us a call at 844.USE.MVPS.

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