Knockerball (aka Bubble Soccer) is one of the worlds fastest growing contact sports today! Originating from Australia and making its way across the globe Gamepad MVPs was the first Mobile Bubble Soccer company to hit Dallas Fort Worth with Knockerball! It's an event favorite and is guaranteed to have people of all ages standing in line!

Why are we different you ask?

  • -No Age Restrictions
  • -100% Money Back Cancellation Guarantee*
  • -Wider Service Area- 90 Miles
  • -Most affordable pricing. If you find a cheaper price we will beat it, guaranteed!

Our Mission

Gamepad MVPs has been on an ongoing mission to help raise money for local hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, non-profit organizations, small business owners and even individuals!

And our priority is the happiness of the children!

Our Specialties

Gamepad MVPs will literally take the party wherever you need it, but here is a list of some of our most common events that we specialize in!

  • -Fundraisers
  • -Grand Openings
  • -Corporate Events
  • -Team Building Events
  • -Birthday Parties & Quinceaneras
  • -Holiday Parties
  • -Tailgate Parties
  • -Church Events
  • -Fairs & Carnivals
  • -Weddings
  • -Bachelor Parties
  • -Welcome Home Parties
  • -Going Away Parties
  • -Graduations & Proms
  • -Bat Mitzvah Parties
  • -Communion Parties
  • -Community Events

Knockerball Gameplay

Gamepad MVPs currently offers 4 action packed, fun and safe games with Knockerball.

Bubble Soccer

Five opponents from each team play Four quarters of intense, hilarious and fun Soccer in a bubble! This game is the most fun for the audience as they witness shoes flying, people flipping, Knockerballs bouncing and exciting moments when their teams lead the game!

Capture the Flag

There are 2 flags, one on each side of the field. 4 players from each team defend their flag while one person from each time races to the other side to try and touch the other teams flag. If they succeed in making contact, 1 player from the losing team is removed and the game continues until there is only 1 person remaining from the winning team!

Protect the General

Five players from each side go head to head in a combat mission to get their general to his post safely. Each team designates a General before each quarter. When the whistle blows 4 players will lead as the General stays behind at a safe distance, following his team to the flag on the other side of the field. The goal of the other team is to knock the General on the ground, by doing so you've eliminated the General and now it's the other team's chance to safely get their general to the other side. If a General touches the ground with their ball, they are eliminated and a new General is chosen for the next quarter!


In this heated battle to be the only person to remain, members face head-to-head in a free for all battle. In the center of the court there will be a 50ft circle drawn, players will stand outside of the circle and wait for the whistle to be blown. Once the whistle blows, players rush to the center of the circle knocking each other all over the place. The goal of this game is to be the last remaining player in the circle. We will play 4 quarters and at the end of the fourth quarter the winners from each quarter will have a chance to claim ultimate victory in a free for all match against each other. The winner of the final round wins the game!

Service Area

We are stationed in Rowlett, Texas and we service up to 90 miles from the 75043 area code.


Starting at only $299, our Knockerball is one of the most cost efficient ways to create a party they'll remember forever! 30 minute increments are only $50!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our FAQ Page, and if you still haven't gotten the answer you're looking for then please call us at 844.USE.MVPS


We run a very safe and clean environment for our children, you can find out more about our policies on our Policies page.

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