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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is no longer the next big thing; it is here! Game Developers for big players like Xbox and Sony are pumping out new games to serve the appetite of avid gamers and casual users alike. That’s because you don’t have to be a huge gamer to love VR games.

VR Games

VR games can be an enhancement of your standard video games, but more often than not, they are experiences. You can pretend that you are on a roller coaster, in outer space, or checking out exotic animals in a jungle.

Virtual Reality Headset

It is all about the virtual reality headset. We use the Oculus Rift headset which fits comfortably on both kids and adults heads. The headset immerses you in 3D graphics that make you feel like you are really in the environment but also that your movements are interacting with the game.

Move your hand to push the brush of the jungle out of your way or turn your hands like you are turning the wheel of a race car and feel the car move.

Gamepad Virtual Reality Parties

Gamepad has Oculus Rift VR parties for you to rent for your next event or birthday party. Not only will everyone playing love this new experience, it is also so much fun to watch people perform funny actions to videos only they can see! You can add VR to one of our Game Trailer packages or as a standalone party service.

Contact us to book your VR party or check out our Virtual Reality page for more info!

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Laser Tag Rental Parties Are Like No Other Party!

laser tag rental

Are you sick of the same old birthday parties for boys and girls? Why not go for exciting and active entertainment that will make your kid the talk of the school?

Gamepad MVP laser tag rentals are a fun and affordable way to get the kids moving, laughing, and entertained (meaning you don’t have to do the entertaining!).

Gamepad Xtreme Tactical Laser Tag includes:

  • Combat Equipment
  • Obstacles
  • Game Scenarios

We bring a Gamepad referee to watch the game so that the kids know the rules, play safe and are looked after.

The kids will love putting on their vest and gloves and playing with the laser tag guns while they maneuver courses.

Want to add to the team spirit? Get t-shirts made for both sides with Gamepad Merchandise. Teams can easily identify themselves, plus the kids will have the shirts to wear later and remember what a great time they had.

Get hours of excitement with Gamepad MVPs Xtreme Tactical Laser Tag!

Contact us or check out our Laser Tag page for more info!


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Inflatable Bounce Houses Are Fun For Everyone

inflatable bounce house

Gamepad MVPs has super fun, super-sized bounce houses (up to 15 people at a time!) that are a hit at every party. What’s great is that they are the perfect, affordable add-on to your Game Trailer package.

For a limited time, our bounce houses are even FREE for the Platinum and MVP packages with our free inflatable promotion.

Our bounce house rentals are turnkey.

We come prepared to set up the house in advance of your event, we staff our bounce houses with friendly Gamepad team members to ensure that the kids are safe, having fun, and the line keeps moving so that everyone gets a turn. Plus, we take care of the tear down when the event is done.

You won’t have to lift a finger, and best of all, the kids are taken care of so you can enjoy the exciting party you planned.

Book one of our packages today and ask about our inflatable bounce house deals!

Contact us today!

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Gamepad MVPs Now Sells Party Supplies

Party Supplies In Dallas

Putting together a great party takes a lot of moving parts which is why the best party planners are super organized.

But, what if you didn’t have to go to multiple vendors for every party need?

That’s where Gamepad comes in. We now sell party supplies in Dallas along with our mobile game truck packages.

Our party supplies include:

  • Dishes (Lunch/Dinner & Dessert)
  • Drinking Cups
  • Napkins
  • Cutlery
  • Tablecloths
  • Balloons
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Free Inflatable When You Purchase the Platinum or MVP Package!

Free Inflatable

For a limited time only, you can still get a free bounce house or a free foot dart inflatable to go with your Platinum or MVP Game Trailer Package. Get yours before it is too late!

Guests will love experiencing the bounce house for the first time as kids or as a throwback to the good old days as adults.

For something new, try our foot darts! It is a super fun mix of darts and soccer that is sure to have everyone laughing and smiling.

Our Platinum Game Trailer Package Includes: A 1 - 2 Hour Party

Our MVP Game Trailer Package Includes: A 1.5 - 3 Hour Party

  • Everything in the Premium Package but at 1.5 hours instead of 1!

Take advantage of our limited time offer and give your party guests a little extra fun for free!

Call us today at 844-USE-MVPS

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