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Win an iPad Air!

This Summer!


This Summer, catch Gamepad MVPS at any of our public events and show your skills at our new Foot Darts! 

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Best Birthday Party Ideas of 2017

Are you a parent searching for something new, fun and different for your child's birthday party this year?

Did you know that the average parent that hosts birthday parties at a venue for their children spends over $500, just on the party?

A study in July of 2016 at Michigan State University surveyed over 2000 children asking them if they enjoyed their last birthday and what they did.

Of those children asked, 20% of them could not even remember what they did for their birthdays.

Another 6% said they didn't do anything at all, just cake and ice cream with friends.

Of the remaining 74%, only 27% of these children said they had an awesome birthday party and want the same party next year.

What did they do for their birthday parties you ask?

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If only we were as strong as Aiden, we could move a mountain!

Gamepad MVPS found a new little buddy this weekend, Aiden Wallace of Arlington Texas. Aiden's birthday is July 24th and his family wanted to book our Video Game Trailer for his birthday party.

Like all other bookings we were super excited to hear that he loved video games and that, in fact, he had already been on our Game Trailer before with his very best friend Cam just a month earlier!

Aiden's mom, Leslie, completed the booking with us and was super excited as well. Then, a few days before the party we got an upsetting phone call. Leslie had to cancel his party; our little buddy Aiden was in the hospital getting a blood transfusion.

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Summer Sale 20% OFF

That's right, you can add as many services as you like, the only requirement is that you add at least 2 hours of one service to qualify.

For example, get the Game Trailer for 2 hours, add Virtual Reality for 2 hours and Knockerball for only 1 hour and add the 20% discount to your entire order for the most epic birthday party you could ever imagine!

Check Availability!

To qualify you must add at least 2 hours of any service. This offer applies to your entire order including any surcharges or other added services or options. This offer is for a limited time and could end at any time. This offer applies to any order that is placed while the offer still lasts and the date of the actual event does not effect your discounts.

For questions, comments or concerns please contact Gamepad MVPS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 844-USE-MVPS. You can also contact us using our online contact form here.

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